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KPE100 Physical Cultural Studies

Key Journals - Sports & Culture

Scopus Search String - Sports Culture Journals

EXACTSRCTITLE ( "International Journal of Sport Policy" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Journal of Sport Management" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Body and Society" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "International Review for the Sociology of Sport" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Journal of Sport Management" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Journal of Sport and Social Issues" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Qualitative Health Research" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Quest" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Sociology of Sport Journal" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Sport in Society" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Sport, Education and Society" )  OR  EXACTSRCTITLE ( "Sport Management Review" ) 

SportDiscus Search String - Sports Culture Journals

SO ( "International Journal of Sport Policy" )  OR  SO ( "Journal of Sport Management" )   OR  SO ( "International Review for the Sociology of Sport" )  OR  SO ( "Journal of Sport Management" )  OR  SO ( "Journal of Sport and Social Issues" )  OR  SO ( "Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy" )  OR  SO ( "Quest" )  OR  SO ( "Sociology of Sport Journal" )  OR  SO ( "Sport in Society" )  OR  SO ( "Sport, Education and Society" )  OR  SO ( "Sport Management Review" ) 


Note: there's no way to search for the EXACT name of the journal, so for example, searching for Journal of Sport Management, may also retrieve records from the journal International Journal of Sport Management.