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JQR 360 The Canadian Census

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How to Access Data Using CHASS Census Analyzer

1. Go to

2. Select your Census Geography (eg. Census Tract for small-scale neighbourhoods).

3. Click on "2006 Cumulative" (or other years, if so interested)

4. Select your Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), eg. Toronto.

5. Select your census categories (hold CTRL to select more than one individual value).

6. Select labels you intend to include in your result.

7. Enter the Census Tract number (xxxx.yy, eg. 0037.00 for the Chinatown area)

8. Select your output format: usually MS Excel ready. This will output your data directly to Excel.

Finding Census Tract Areas


1. Go to Geosearch 2006

2. On the bottom bar, click on the "Search" tab.

3. Select your search (eg. Street Intersection)

4. Input your search criteria (eg. Toronto, ON; Spadina AVE, Dundas ST.)

5. Click FIND

6. On the bottom bar, click on the "Layers (1)" tab.

7. Select "Census Tracts"

8. On the left-hand column, click "Identify"

9. Click on the Census Tract Area you want to identify.

Remember that the code turns up 7 digits with 2 additional decimal places (XXXYYYY.ZZ). The first 3 (XXX, or 535) would refer to the CMA (535 is Toronto). The next four (YYYY, or 0037 for Chinatown) refer to the tract within Toronto.

Citing Data and Statistics