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GGRC33 The Toronto Region

This guide will help students in GGRC33 with finding journal articles, newspaper articles, and credible policy documents for their staff report assignment.

Learning Outcomes

Developing Your Topic 

  1. You will brainstorm and present a working research topic by determining the who, what, where, and when (if applicable) of your topic by exploring City of Toronto topic pages. This will help guide your research, reading, and writing of your topic. 

Search Strategies 

  1. You will identify a list of keywords specific to your topic in order to retrieve relevant articles and reports in a library database, City of Toronto website, and Think Tanks for your staffing assignment. 

  1. You will learn to design and refine search needs and search strategies as necessary and based on search results so to retrieve relevant resources.   



Key e-Resources

Other Key Resources

Spacing | Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Understanding the urban landscape. Spacing is one of the most unique magazines to appear on Canadian newsstands in years. The magazine uncovers the joys, obstacles and politics of Canada’s big cities by cutting through the cynicism that often pervades any discussion about urban issues. Spacing pushes readers to think critically about how they can shape the public spaces that surround their everyday lives.