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GGRB21 Political Ecology: Nature, Society and Environmental Change

This guide will help students in GGRB21 with finding, accessing, and evaluating sources that will help with class assignments.

Example Topic Description

Mi'kmaw in the east coast, Nova Scotia have started engaging in 'moderate livelihood' lobster fishing. This has caused an aggressive and violent backlash from commercial fisheries.

  • Is the commercial fishers objection about conservation?
  • What does 'moderate livelihood' mean and why only moderate?
  • How do we frame this topic in relation to political ecology? What are concepts used in political ecology to frame issues of rights and ecology?
  • What systems are being upheld and for whom?

Listen to the podcast, read the articles and start taking notes on keywords to help you find scholarly articles that discuss this topic with a political ecology lens. 

Background Research

Canadaland | #278 Lobster Politics

Mi’kmaw fishermen earning a ‘moderate livelihood’ seems to be too much for Nova Scotia’s settler lobster harvesters. And CBC leverages its credibility for its new corporate clients. APTN video journalist Trina Roache co-hosts.

Suggest you listen to 14:30 - 17:50. 

APTN | News

Fishery standoff continues: Mi’kmaw-owned boats, gear vandalized

Activity: Identifying Keywords


Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3

Concept 4

Mi'kmaw Fisheries Nova Scotia Treaty

Note, Concept 4 I considered terms to help me find articles to frame the discussion in political ecology.


  Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3

Concept 4

within political ecology

Main concepts Mi'kmaw Fisheries Nova Scotia



  • Mi'qmaq
  • Indigenous
  • Sipekne’katik First Nation
  • lobster
  • fish*
  • East Coast
  • Canada
  • DFO, Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  • market
  • political ecology
  • hegemony
  • neoliberal*

Activity: Scholarship is a Conversation

'Quick' Bibliography

In the scholarship as conversation 'quick' bibliography activity, you will be broken into groups.

Each group will have an article to read the abstract and/or the introduction that examines an aspect of the fisheries in Nova Scotia and Indigenous peoples rights.

Your goal is to share back to the group in 2-3 sentences:

  1. Article summary
  2. How does the article relate to the current day issue of Mi'kmaw lobster fishing politics in Nova Scotia? Consider the political ecology lens.

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