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JGE378H5 Natural Hazards: Risk and Vulnerability

JGE378 Individual Case Study

In this course, students are asked to prepare a Case Study Proposal, a Country Risk Profile, an Annotated Bibliography, and a final Term Paper on a selected natural disaster. Details for each of these assignments are provided in the Course Portal. This Library Resource Guide is designed to help you get the most out of the Library Resources available to you, so you can complete these assignments successfully.

Types of Sources Available:

Here are the types of sources you need to use: 

  1. Scholary (peer-reviewed) Journal Articles
  2. Scholarly Research Books
  3. Government publications or professional research websites
  4. Online or print reference sources/atlases from authoritative sources


Choosing a Individual Case Study topic

Your instructor has provided you a list of starting suggestions for case studies available in Portal.  The topic should be a natural or technological disaster.

You may also find ideas for case studies by searching through the following links:

Canadian Disaster Database

EmDat Disaster Database




Other Help Available

Tanya Kenesky

GIS/Data Support Specialist, Room 360
U of T Mississauga Library, Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre


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