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Research Guides

HIS465: Gender and International Relations


This guide was created for students in Gender and International Relations. It introduces key resources, and makes suggestions for further research.


Enter your keywords in the search box. Keep the keywords simple. Examples:

Topic: How do campaign promises sway voters?

  • campaign 
  • promises
  • voters

How do I choose good keywords?

Using the library catalogue

Begin from the advance search option on the library website

If you know the title or author of the book, change the search field on the left to title and/or author.

If you're searching for a books on a topic, enter your keywords into the search.

Other Libraries

Journal Articles

Use a database to find journal articles on your topic. Key databases are listed below.

Online Texts and Microform

Primary Sources

1. Start with what you know: You may uncover references to valuable primary sources in your textbook, course notes, or bibliographies from your journal articles and other secondary sources.

2. Use the library catalogue to find books and other kinds of primary sources in the library collection.

Do a keyword search for your topic, and include one of the following keywords:

  • sources
  • documents
  • texts
  • correspondence
  • diaries
  • interviews
  • pamphlets
  • personal narratives 

 3.  Use reliable digital collections

Digital Collections

For government, international organization, and inter-governmental organizations see the appropriate tabs. For a more comprehensive list of primary source databases, go to the library home page, and select Subjects A to Z. Choose a subject. Or, see Primary Source Databases for Historical Research.  

Non-Governmental Organizations

Web Portals

Databases Indexing NGO Publications


Citation Help