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EUR498 Special Topics in European Studies

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Evaluating Sources


Below are some criteria you can use to evaluate material (both print and digital, including news, media, and websites).


  • When was the material produced?
  • Does it exist in any other formats (e.g. a print document that was made available on the web)?
  • Is it up to date?
  • Has it been revised? If yes, when? Is it updated regularly?


  • Is it related to the topic at hand?
  • Does it answer any of your questions?
  • Does it bring up new questions?


  • Who created the material?
  • Are they affiliated with any (other) relevant groups or organizations?
  • Can you verify the credentials provided?
  • Can you easily find information about the author online?


  • Can you verify any statistics/data provided?
  • What are the sources of any statistics/data provided?
  • Are charts and tables clearly labeled and easy to read?
  • Is there any information about the methodology used in gathering statistics/data provided?


  • What type of document is it? (Different types of documents each have their own purpose)
  • Why was the material produced?
  • What political biases are evident?

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