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Research Guides

Christian Education

A guide for finding resources in the area of Christian Education

Internet Resources

Whole People of God

Seasons of the Spirit  -A lectionary-based resource created in community with congregations from different denominations around the world

Workshop Rotation Sunday School Idea & Lesson Exchange

Jesus and Kidz  -Contains children's Bible stories, colouring pages, puzzles & mazes, songs, etc.

Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario (CARFLEO)

Wabash Center: For Teaching & Learning in Theology and Religion


Resources for Catholic Educators

Alpha Canada

Catholic Catechist -“Comprehensive teaching resources including lesson plans, games, icebreakers, worksheets, etc.”

Faith and Wisdom: Life Long Learning Opportunities for People of Faith -A source for information on lifelong learning opportunities, this site "compiles events and programs throughout the world offered by some of the most distinguished organizations in North America and worldwide. These organizations have proven themselves trustworthy sources of lifelong learning for clergy, other church professionals, and for all who wish to pursue education as Christians."

Religious Education Association -An Association of Professors, Practitioners, and Researchers in Religious Education

Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE) - World Council of Churches

Children's Bible Activities