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CHMC47: Bio-Organic Chemistry

This guide will help students enrolled in CHMC47 Bio-Organic Chemistry to complete assignments, specifically the Literature Searching Assignment and installing relevant chemistry software.

Catalogue Search


Use Subject Headings

Screenshot of a sample catalogue record with subject headings

When you have found a book that seems useful, don't forget to look at its subject entries; if you see one that looks good, click that to get to other titles that have been given that subject heading.

Narrow down your search

Screen shot of the options available in the catalogue for narrowing down searches

You can narrow down the search results in the catalog a number of different ways, including by location (1), by subject (2), and many other ways including publication year, language, and format (such as "book" or "film") (3 - scroll down).

Get books off the shelf at UTSC Library

When you find a book that you like, check that it is IN and write down the CALL NUMBER to find it in the library.  (Note:  Stacks means shelves.)  We use call numbers to arrange books in the library.  Ask a library staff member to help you locate the book if needed. 

Call Numbers starting with A - JN:  Go to the shelves (stacks) on the upper floor of the library.  Search by call number.

Call Numbers starting with JQ - Z:  Go to the shelves (stacks) on the main floor of the library, past the circulation desk and down the corridor on the left. Search by call number.