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CHMC47 Bio-Organic Chemistry

This guide will help students enrolled in CHMC47 Bio-Organic Chemistry to complete assignments, specifically the Literature Searching Assignment and installing relevant chemistry software.

Search Web of Science

1) From the library homepage, click on Popular Databases:

Screen shot of the library home page with the location for the popular databases link highlighted



2) Select Web of Science: Core Collection from the list of popular databases.

Web of Science Core Collection


3) Enter your search terms.

Note that the default search field is topic. The search field can be changed using the drop-down menu.

You can also add additional terms and fields if needed.

 Web of Science search screen


4) Sample Results page

This search, for topic = "chemical ligation" retrieved 3,022 items. To refine the results use the options on the left-hand side, such as subject areas and authors. You can also search for other terms among the search results (for example, adding the term "glycoproteins" to this search narrows the list to 231 results).

Web of Science results



5) View a record


There is a lot of information on this page:


  • link to the author's other publications
  • full citation information
  • abstract
  • keywords (these could be used to refine the search)
  • the number of times this article has been cited by other articles
  • the number of references contained in this article

Web of Science record

Alternate search method: combining searches

After you have figured out your topic (see the search strategies in the left hand navigation) you can enter your topic into Web of Science.

This search consists of three subtopics

  • wolf, canis lupus, timber wolf
  • cull, culling, culls
  • species protection, protection of other species, species management

The first set is entered (If you have more topics than search boxes click on "add another field"):

After you click "search" your search is automatically saved under the "search history" button unless you close your browser.

Run a new search for your other topics.

After the final search is done click on "search history"

You can combine the different searches using the "combine sets" column.  The search shown will search for 1 AND 2 AND 3.

Click on the appropriate number next to "results" to be taken to the results for each individual search.