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Anti-Black Racism Pedagogical Collection

In order to promote the creation of inclusive and supportive learning spaces, the following resources are recommended.


The Anti-Black Racism Pedagogical Collection guide contains a curated, annotated list of resources related to challenging anti-Black racism in the classroom and strategies to create supportive, inclusive educational spaces for all learners. In this collection, instructors will also find tools for developing reflective teaching practices that will assist them on their anti-racist learning journey. Additionally, the collection provides links to supplementary audio and visual resources for further exploration and learning. We wish to emphasize that this LibGuide is a living document that is not intended to be an exhaustive list of anti-racist pedagogical resources. Rather, this annotated bibliography will be revised as needed on an ongoing basis. 


Who maintains this resource?

This guide was created through a partnership between instructors and educational developers at The Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy (ISUP) and librarians at the UTM Library. For questions or suggestions please reach out to:


How do I use this bibliography?

  • Use the navigation menu items to explore different types of resources.
  • Select the name of any linked title to navigate directly to the resource; for licensed resources, you will be able to access them through the U of T Libraries catalogue record.
  • Read the annotations for a short overview of the resource and its value for creating inclusive pedagogical spaces. These annotations were written by the project team and are not provided by publishers.
  • The icons next to each title indicate whether the title is available online or in print.


Will this guide be kept current?

This guide will be reviewed and updated twice annually to reflect the latest research in fostering inclusive classrooms.