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MGM360H5: Compensation

A course guide to support research for your group assignment for students enrolled in MGM360H5.

Citation Basics


You cite your sources to:

  • give credit to those who have made an intellectual contribution to your analysis
  • increase your credibility as a presenter or author
  • enable your audience to replicate your analysis

The basic elements of any citation are:

Author(s) The individual(s) or entity responsible for 'creating' the information you are referencing
TItle(s) The title(s) of the article, time series, chart, along with the source publication (journal, book, report, recording, or database)
Date of publication Date the information was published +/or when it was published
Page or other location information Page number(s) or other information, e.g. URL, to help your audience locate this information again.








There are many citation styles but typically, they all require:

  • references or footnotes in the body of your presentation or paper (and which may be abbreviated), and; 
  • a full, alphabetical list of references at the end of your presentation or paper.