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Research Guides

CHM197: Environmental Chemistry in a Sustainable World


Why use journals?

  • To find a few relevant articles on a topic
  • To find a specific article that you know was published in that journal
  • To conduct a more targeted search for information on a specific topic
  • To find articles in popular science magazines that may be easier to understand - see more info below.

Note: Single journals have less content than LibrarySearch and databases. They may also have limited search functionality. When searching for articles in a specific journal, try to search only one or two of your terms and then review the results.

Popular Science Journals

If you are new to scientific topics or just a particular area of research, popular science magazines and journals can be a good place to start! The information they provide is generally reliable and presented in a way that is easier to understand for non-scientists. A few of these (like Nature journals) also publish research articles - check News, Analysis or Summary sections for overviews that are easier to understand.


Below are a few scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that may have information on your research topics. There are many more that may also be relevant! To search within many journals at once, use LibrarySearch or a scholarly database.