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HPS100 History and Philosophy of Science

Sample search formulas:

In LibrarySearch (searching several indexes of articles) you can't be as precise as to where you search but it's a good place to start your search.

When searching for articles in LibrarySearch try searching for your terms (key concepts) in the title (this is not a comprehensive search, but should retrieve many relevant articles and not be as overwhelming or as unfocused as searching in "Any field"/any part of the description, journal title etc.).

screenshot of article search in LibrarySearch


You can be more focused with your search formula and get more "on target" results when searching in a specific collection,
via a subject-specific database (as shown below, with the example of searching in Philosopher's Index) 

screenshot of advanced search in proquest interface of Philosopher's Index with the search terms: ethic* OR rights OR moral* AND "scientific research"  searching in the all subjects and indexing fields.