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CRE281 Popular Music, Technology, and the Human

Sound/Media Studies Sites, Journals & Databases


Sounding Out! "a bi-weekly online publication, a networked academic archive, and a dynamic group platform bringing together sound studies scholars, sound artists and professionals, and readers interested in the cultural politics of sound and listening."
Online since 2009, comprehensive articles on technology and sound, various genres of music, soundtracks, soundscapes etc. Not all authors are scholars, if you want to cite an article for an assignment that requires "scholarly sources" check the author's bio on the site. If they are not an academic in a related discipline/field, check with your Professor or TA if it's acceptable to incorporate the article into your essay or assignment. To cite from Sounding Out!, follow citation format for a website with an identified author and date of publication such as this APA style example.

Specific journals on music & technology:

A few key journals (not a comprehensive list):

Organised Sound: an International Journal of Music Technology

Leonardo Music Journal : LMJ : journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology

Popular Music and Society

Recommended subject-specific databases: