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Research Guides

CHM338: Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry

The resources in this guide will help you search for substances, property data, spectra and chemical literature to support you in your CHM338 labs.

Search for Articles

Use the databases below to search for articles on a particular topic or about a compound of interest.

Find and Access a Known Article

Use one or more the methods below to track down a known article. Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact your Chemistry Librarian for help.

Journal Abbreviations

If you are unable to find an article by title or don't have the title of the article, it may be more effective to search first for the journal it was published in. ACS Citation Style requires journal titles to be abbreviated in citations, as in the examples below:

J. Am. Chem. Soc. = Journal of the American Chemical Society
J. Chem. Rev. = Journal of Chemical Reviews

This means that you may need to identify the full title of the journal before searching for it. Below are tools you can use to find the full title of an article based on its abbreviation.

Once you identify the full title, you can use the Journal Search tool in LibrarySearch to search for and access the journal. Click the Available Online link to navigate to the publisher's page, then look for a list of previous issues and narrow down by year, volume and issue.