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Research Guides

Introduction to Podcasting

A library guide introducing various sources and best practices related to the creation of podcasts.

Recording Podcasts

Maximize sound quality by selecting a room for recording that has minimal background noises. Some tips include:

  • A room with sound absorbers like carpet, heavy drapes or even book shelves.
  • A room that you can turn-off or adjust heating, ventilation and air conditioning to minimize the sound they produce.
  • Not a cavernous room that could create echo.
  • Avoid recording near walls so sound doesn't bounce back out.
  • Record 10 seconds in the room with no sound, software (see below) can identify background noise that can be eliminate.

Additional Resource

Remote Recording

  • Please see Justin Schell's guide on remote recording, created for the University of Michigan's Libguide - Podcasting and Audio Story Telling
  • guide produced by radio professionals on recording remotely; a similar guide produced by the Association of Independents in Radio
  • Here is a guide from NPR on DIY recording as well.


Recording Software

Below are options for recording and editing your podcasts:



Once recording is complete, there are techniques to improve the quality of the sound recording. The web sites below provide details on how to fine-tune sound quality.