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Guide to BIPOC musicians and related literature

This guide supports research on the musical traditions and scholarship of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) individuals and groups.

Finding Diverse Repertoire

Finding scores by composers of diverse backgrounds in the library search can be difficult if you don't already know what you're looking for. Here we have compiled a few resources to help you diversify your repertoire.

In this guide there is a small selection of  scores written by BIPOC composers which are already available through the music library. There are also online resources to assist you in finding additional repertoire. Once you identify a composer or work you can search the  Music Library catalogue to see if we have a physical or electronic copy. 

If we do not have the item you are looking for, you can request it through inter-library loan or suggest a purchase.By suggesting a purchase you contribute to making our collections more representative and diverse. 

Image: León, Tania. Horizons : for Orchestra. Call #: M1045 .L576 H6 1999. Photo by A. Brzobohaty


Below is a small selection of items to give you a general idea of the kinds of scores the music library has, organized by instrument/ensemble. 

Jump to: Orchestral Music, Chamber Music, Keyboard MusicVocal Music: Solo and ChoralPercussion Music, String MusicWind Music, Brass Music.

Orchestral Music

Boulogne, Joseph. Violin Concerto in D, Op. 3 No. 1. Wellington: Artaria Editions, 2002.

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel. Ballade in A Minor, Op. 33. Edited by Nancy M. Bradburd. Boca Raton, FL: E.F. Kalmus, 2001.

Esmail, Reena, and Shankar Tucker. Clarinet concerto. Los Angeles, California, 2020.

Esmail, Reena.Vishwas. III, Testament : for orchestra. California: [A Piece of Sky Music], 2019.

Fairouz, Mohammed.Tahrir : for clarinet in B♭ and orchestra. New York: Peermusic Classical, 2013.

Fung, Vivian. Biennial Snapshots : for Full Orchestra. New York, NY: Vivian Fung Music, 2015.

Golijov, Osvaldo, and Rosalía de Castro. Lúa descolorida : for soprano and strings. Universal Edition, 2001.

Kim, Earl, and Itzhak Perlman. Violin concerto. Malvern, PA: Theodore Presser Company, 2021.

Kim, Earl. Dialogues : for piano & orchestra.  King of Prussia, Pa: Theodore Presser Company, 2017.

León, Tania. Horizons: For Orchestra. New York: Peermusic, 1999.

Montgomery, Jessie. Coincident dances : for orchestra. New York: Jessie Montgomery Music Publishing. 2019

Price, Florence. Symphonies Nos. 1 and 3. Edited by Rae Linda Brown and Wayne Shirley. Middleton, Wis: A-R Editions, 2008.

Simon, Carlos. Amen! : for orchestra - double wind version. S.l: Csjr. Music, 2017.

Walker, George. Concerto for trombone and orchestra. Saint Louis, Missouri : Lauren Keiser Music, 2020.

Walker, George. Da Camera: For Piano Trio and String Orchestra with Harp, Celesta, Percussion & Optional String Ensemble, (2008). Maryland Heights, MO: Lauren Keiser Music, 2008.

Chamber Music

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel. Piano Trio in E minor. Mallorca: Soundpost Publishing, 2005.

D'Rivera, Paquito. Aires Tropicales: For Woodwind Quintet. Englewood, NJ: Havana-New York Music, 1994.

Esmail, Reena. Feritas : for Trumpet Sextet. Pasadena, CA : A Piece of Sky Music, 2020.

Enriquez, Manuel. Cuarteto III. Munich: Edition Modern, 1978.

Frank, Gabriela Lena. Leyendas: an Andean Walkabout: For String Quartet. New York: G. Schirmer, 2005.

Fung, Vivian. Chanted Rituals : for trumpet/Flugelhorn and 2 Percussion. Brooklyn: Vivian Fung Music, 2017.

Fung, Vivian. Shaman Speaks : for Clarinet Ensemble. New York, NY: Vivian Fung Music, 2021.

Fung, Vivian. String Quartet No. 4 : Insects and Machines. Brooklyn: Vivian Fung Music, 2019.

Gnattali, Radamés. Suite Retratos: Pour Deux Guitares. Paris: H. Lemoine, 1987.

Golijov, Osvaldo. Yiddishbbuk: Inscriptions for String Quartet. Boston, MA: Ytalianna Music, 2001.

Kim, Earl. Earthlight, Romanza for High Soprano, Violin Con Sordini, Piano, and Lights. Hillsdale, N.Y: Mobart Music Publications, 1978.

León, Tania. Indígena : for large chamber ensemble. New York: Peermusic Classical,  2017

Owens, Robert. Idomeneo-Quartett: für Oboe, Violine, Viola und Violoncello: Op. 93. Salzgitter: Ostinato-Musikverlag, 2006.

Perry, Zenobia Powell, and Jeannie G. Pool. War time : from the opera Tawawa House : 2 trumpets, snare & bass. Jaygayle Music, 2013.

Simon, Carlos. Elegy : for saxophone quartet. Brooklyn: Csjr. Music, 2020.

Singleton, Alvin. Apple : for clarinet quartet. Mainz: Schott, 2014.

Singleton, Alvin. Woodwind quintet. Mainz: Schott, 2013. 

Singleton, Alvin, et al. Et nunc : for alto flute, bass clarinet, and double bass. New York: Schott, 2016.

Yi, Chen. Not Alone & Happy Birthday to Prism: For Saxophone Quartet. Theodore Presser Company, 2017.

Keyboard Music

Dett, R. Nathaniel. In the Bottoms: For Solo PianoBoca Raton, Fla.: Masters Music Publications, 2000.

Frank, Gabriela Lena, and Gabriela Lena. Frank. Sonata andina : for piano. New York, NY: G. Schirmer, Inc., 2014.

Huang, Ruo. Tree Without Wind: For Solo Piano. London: Ricordi, 2016. 

Huang, Ruo. Inscribed : for sheng and violoncello. London: Ricordi, 2020.

Joplin, Scott. Complete Piano Works. Edited by Vera Brodsky Lawrence. New York: New York Public Library, 2010.

León, Tania. Pet’s suite : for flute and piano. New York: Peermusic Classical, 2017.

Louie, Alexina. I Leap Through the Sky with Stars: For Solo Piano. Toronto: Gordon V. Thompson, 1994.

Nyaho, William H. Chapman, ed. Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

Perry, Zenobia Powell, and Zenobia Powell Perry. Orrin and Echo : for piano solo. La Crescenta, CA: Jaygayle Music, 2020.

Price, Florence, and Calvert Johnson. Suite no. 1 for organ. Edited by Calvert Johnson. Fayetteville, AR: ClarNan Editions, a division of Classical Vocal Reprints, 2020.

Singleton, Alvin. Mutations : for solo piano. Mainz: Schott, 2016.

Singleton, Alvin.  Inside-out : for piano 4-hands. European American Music, 2011.

Smith, Joseph, ed. Four Early 20th Century Piano Suites by Black ComposersNew York: G. Schirmer, 1997.

Still, William Grant. Bells: Two Pieces for Solo Piano. Flagstaff, Ariz: William Grant Still Music, 2011. 

Walker, George. Prelude ; and Caprice : for piano. Maryland Heights: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing, 2008.

Walker, George. Spektra: For Piano. General Music Pub. Co., 1972.

Walker-Hill, Helen, ed. Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music (1893-1990). Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard, 1992.

Vocal Music: Solo and Choral

Andreo, Dante, ed. Hispanoamerica: Música de la Época Virreinal. Segovia: Federacíon Coral de Castilla y León, 1992.

Bonds, Margaret. Three Dream Portraits: Poems from The Dream Keeper. New York: Ricordi, 1959.

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, and Christina Georgina Rossetti. 6 Sorrow Songs : for High Voice : Op. 57. London: Augener, 1906.

Fairouz, Mohammed, and Judson Evans. Four Haiku Poems and Panopticon : for Tenor and Piano. New York: Peermusic, 2011.

Fung, Vivian. Sanci Kuni : for Mixed Chorus a Cappella. Brooklyn: Vivian Fung Music, 2017.

Garcia, José Maurício Nunes, Sigismund Ritter Von Neukomm, and Marcos Portugal. Real Capela do Rio de Janeiro, 1808-1821 : Obras Sacras. Edited by Ricardo Bernardes. Rio de Janeiro: Funarte, 2002.

Harper, T., & Tullos, L. An anthology of African and African diaspora songs (L. Toppin & S. Piper, Eds.). Videmus, 2021.

Nicholas, John, trans. Billie Holiday: Original Keys for Singers: Vocal/PianoMilwaukee, WI: H. Leonard Corp, 2002.

Price, Florence, and Barbara Garvey Jackson. Communion Service : in F for SATB Choir and Organ. Edited by Barbara Garvey Jackson. Fayetteville, AR: Clarnan Editions, 2015.

Simmons, Margaret R., and Jeanine Wagner, eds. A New Anthology of Art Songs by African American Composers. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2004. 

Taylor, Vivian, ed. Art Songs and Spirituals by African-American Women Composers. Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Publishing, 2005. 

Walker, George. Ev’ry Time I Feel de Spirit : for High Voice and Piano. St. Louis, MO: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing,  2008.

Walker, George, Joyce Mathis, Walter J. Turnbull, and Warren Wilson. Cantata for Soprano, Tenor, Boys Choir, and Chamber Orchestra. St. Louis, MO: Keiser, 2008.

Wilson, Kathleen L., ed. The Art Song in Latin America: Selected Works by Twentieth-Century Composers. Stuyvesant, NY: Pendragon Press, 1998.

Percussion Music

Abe, Keiko. Michi: For Marimba. Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Music for Percussion, 1979.

Fung, Vivian. The Voices Inside My Head: For 3 Percussionists (2014)New York: Bill Holab, 2014.

Ho, Vincent. Nostalgia: VibraphoneWellington, N.Z., Promethean Editions, 2012.

Sierra, Roberto. Bongo-0: (Bongo-zero): For Bongos. Verona, NJ: Subito Music, 2004.

Walker, George, et al. Bleu : for vibraphone. [George Walker], 2014.

String Music

Davis, Anthony. Violin Sonata for Violin and Piano. New York: G. Schirmer, 1995.

Kim, Earl, and Itzhak Perlman. 12 Caprices for Solo Violin. Cambridge, Mass: Palindrome Press, 1988.

Lavista, Mario. “Natarayah : Para Guitarra.” México, D.F: Ediciones Mexicanas de Música, 1999.

Lavista, Mario. Quotations: Para Cello y PianoLa Habana: Musica de Nuestra America, 1980.

Montgomery, Jessie. Rhapsody no. 2 : for solo viola. New York: Jessie Montgomery, 2021.

Singleton, Alvin. Helga: For Violin, Viola and Cello. New York: Schott, 2003.

Romero, Aldemaro. Suite for Cello and PianoMilano, Italien: A.A.A. Prologo srl, Cesano Boscone, 1976.

Wind Music

Cáceres, Germán. Cinco Deploraciones: Para Flauta Sola (1988). Havana, Cuba: Casa de las Américas, 2000.

Coltrane, John. The Music of John ColtraneMilwaukee, Wis: Hal Leonard, 1991.

Esmail, Reena. The whole story : sonata for oboe and piano. United States: Piece of Sky Music, 2004

Fairouz, Mohammed. Three novelettes : for alto saxophone and piano. Massachusetts?: Radnofsky Couper Editions, 2010

Grigson, Lionel, ed. A Charlie Parker Study Album. London: Novello, 1989.

Lavalle, Armando. Sonata Para Piano y Oboe. México : Liga de Compositores de México, 1983.

Lavista, Mario. Canto del alba. Mexico: Ediciones Mexicanas de Musica, 1980.

Brass Music

Davis, Miles. StandardsMilwaukee, WI: H. Leonard, 2001.

Fung, Vivian. Indigenous Rites: Concerto for Baritone, Saxophone and Brass Band (2013). Brooklyn, NY: Bill Holab Music, 2015.

Fung, Vivian. Rhapsody for trumpet and piano. California?: Vivian Fung, 2017.

Marsalis, Wynton. Ballads. Transcribed by David Pugh, David Pearl, and Tom Toriello. Miami, FL: Warner Bros. Publications, 1997.

Singleton, Alvin, et al. Vous compra : for trumpet and piano. New York: Schott, 2021.

Web Resources

There are numerous web-based resources dedicated to helping you find composers and compositions from racialized and underrepresented groups, such as the Institute for Composer Diversity, The Composers Equity ProjectA Seat at the Piano, and the Composers of Color Resource Project. Once you have found a piece of music, look it up in the Music Library catalogue to gain access. If we do not have it, you can request it through inter-library loan or suggest a purchase.

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Wind Ensemble



Recordings and Streaming Resources

The Music Library provides many streaming resources that can connect you to music composed by BIPOC musicians and music performed by BIPOC artists. Check out the links below to get started:

Watch Russell Thomas perform the title role in Mozart's Idomeneowith access provided by, the largest online collection of classical music, operas and ballets in the world.

Watch soprano Yetzabel Arias Fernández perform in Bach's Mass in B Minor, BWV 232with access provided by Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall. 

Watch Le Mozart Noir: Reviving a Legend, a documentary about Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, with access provided by Alexander Street, a massive database of online videos. 

Watch Taking Lacangaa documentary about Brazilian music in the 1970s, with access provided by Quest TV, a streaming platform for concerts and documentaries on Jazz, Soul, Funk, Blues, African music, Latin music, Indian music, and more!

Listen to Keiko Abe's "Conversation in the Forest," on Naxos, a streaming service with access to more than a million tracks of standard and rare repertoire. 

Listen to Adonis Rose's new album Piece of Mind on Naxos Jazz, a streaming service with access to a wide range of jazz from the legends to contemporary music. 

Or check out Jeremy Dutcher's Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa from our extensive collection of physical recordings.