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CHMA10 Web of Science Research Basics

View a Record

Once you find an article that looks interesting, select the article title link to view the complete record. There is a lot of information on this page including:

  • a link to the full text (if available) 
  • link to the author's other publications (click on the author name)
  • full citation information
  • abstract
  • keywords (these could be used to refine the search)
  • the number of times this article has been cited by other articles (another way to find some other potentially relevant papers)
  • the number of references contained in this article 
  • a link to related articles based on common references (a great way to find other potentially relevant papers)

If after browsing through the record, you think the article appears to be relevant to your topic, download the full text of the article for further reading.

Web of Science Record


Get the Full Text Article

Articles may be available in one of two ways:

  1. Check for a "Get it! UTL" button to see if we have the full-text online. If not, we probably have it in print The Get it! button will lead you to the online version or to print information.
  2. Check for a full-text HTML or PDF link.

If you have any problems, please write down the citations of any articles you want and contact your liaison librarian or the UTSC Library staff.