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VPMC95H3 Musical Diasporas

A guide that assists in finding resources for the completion of course work in VPMC 95H3 - Musical Diasporas


Annotated Bibliography & Essay Proposal 15%

Prior to starting your essay you are required to complete a detailed essay outline with an annotated bibliography. In your annotated bibliography you are to read the sources you plan on using for your essay and explain why you have chosen each reading/texts to support your thesis. You can include films, music videos and radio footage, but each assignment must have a minimum of 8 sources, 5 of which are to be academic written and published sources. Assignments will not be accepted by email.

Research Essay 30%

Building on your outline you will complete an 8-10 page essay based on one of the topics in the course. You will utilize APA citation style and attach your annotated bibliography. Essays will be submitted via quercus.

Sample topics for Research Paper

Research Essay Sample Topics

Transformation of Music Cultures in Diaspora (i.e. Samba in the US, Punk Music in France, SKA in the UK)

State Cooptation of Popular Music Forms (i.e. South Korea, Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad)

Youth Identity Development via Popular Musics (i.e. Afrobeats, K-Pop, Hip-Hop)

Youth Empowerment and Speaking Truth to Power (i.e. House Music, Punk Rock, Hip-Hop)