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VPMC95H3 Musical Diasporas

A guide that assists in finding resources for the completion of course work in VPMC 95H3 - Musical Diasporas

Welcome - VPMC 95H3 Musical Diasporas

Musical Diasporas examines how music travels, both with migrating peoples and without the significant movement of bodies. In these travels, nuanced and dynamic methods of adaption, acculturation, remixing and transformation occur in the music and its attendant influences, such as identity formation. This course examines the unique role of music and the arts in the construction and maintenance of transnational identity in the diaspora.

This course asks:

  • What is unique about music in creating and maintaining social identities in diaspora?
  • How does a diasporic condition and consciousness affect artistic performance, musical composition and the formation and dissemination of new genres of music.

The course moves through diasporic routes, eras and musical genres rather than attempting to cover ethnic groups or countries. Throughout our weekly explorations we will attend to issues of gender, racialization, consumption and media imperialism in our attempts to fully grasp musical diasporas and the ways in which people make music a central part of their identity in moments of upheaval, change and transformation.

Professor: Dr. Mark V. Campbell

Fall 2020

Course timing: Thursdays 11am-1pm