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EES1134: Climate Change Policy


Welcome to the course guide for EES1134: Climate Change Policy! Use the guide menu to browse key topics designed to help you complete your policy brief assignment for this course.

Assignment Overview

For your assignment, you are required to develop a policy brief related to climate change policy and pick a relevant government or agency to address the brief to. As part of this, you will need to conduct a literature search to locate and summarize available research evidence and direct that into clear and persuasive policy guidance. The policy brief should use minimal jargon and address some aspect of mitigation, adaptation, or both.

Before You Begin Your Research

  • Need help with planning? Use the Assignment Planner to create a suggested timeline for each step of your assignment
  • Do some background reading using things like Google, Wikipedia, and books from the library catalogue so you understand your topic
  • Check out the list of key resources for your subject area