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Research Guides

GGRB03: Writing Geography

This guide will help students in GGRB03 with finding scholarly and popular sources for your essay assignment on writing a personal story about a place you lived or visited.

Storytelling as Authoritative & Topic Discussions

Individually look at the source that is assigned to your group and jot down some notes based on the discussion questions.

You will examine examples of storytelling and placemaking in groups and discuss the following questions to evaluate the format and authority:

  1. What is the topic?
  2. What is the story arc?
  3. How does it relate to geography?
  4. What type of resources/research did they use?
  5. What makes it authoritative on the topic, and why?
  6. A question or curiosity you have about the topic?
  7. What words would you use to search more about this topic?
  8. Any new vocabulary or sentence starters that you would want to explore in your own writing?

Determine a speaker and note taker.

Share with the larger group:

  • topic
  • how does it relate to geography
  • authority
  • resources/research used to develop in this format
  • question/curiosity