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Research Guides

GGR401: Geomorphology and the Anthropocene

Useful Encyclopedias for Background Information

Choosing Keywords

The first step in choosing keywords is to think about what information you need to search for. This seems obvious, and to a certain extent you are probably already doing it. But a more systematic approach will reward you.

  1. Break the search down into the key concepts:

    • hawk moth and tongue
  2. Brainstorm (or look for in your background reading) synonyms. Tip: You will get more results if you use the common and scientific names for organisms.
    • hawk moth OR sphingidae
    • tongue OR proboscis
  3. Combine these terms in a logical way:
    • OR: combines synonyms -  hawk moth OR sphingidae (either of these concepts should be present in results - not ALL terms need to be present)
    • AND: use when combining different concepts since both these concepts need to be present in results
    • (hawk moth OR sphingidae) AND (tongue OR proboscis)
  4. Things to consider when considering words/terms to include in your search:
    • think of synonyms
    • think of plural and singular variations of words (e.g. moth or moths)
    • use truncation to search for singular and plural versions of words: (e.g. moth*)
    • think of spelling variations: (e.g. behaviour OR behavior)

Suggested Textbooks for Background Reading

Below are some helpful textbooks and readings for additional background in geomorphology: