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GGR241: Geographies of Urban Social Exclusion

Supports the course taught by Prof. Nick Lombardo.

What is a journal article?

A "journal article" or "scholarly article" is an article published in a journal with an academic focus and written by an expert on the topic.

Many of these academic journals are peer reviewed.

What is a Scholarly Article? from Kimbel Library on Vimeo.


How are scholarly articles different than non-scholarly articles?

Scholarly journal articles are very different from non-scholalrly magazine or newspaper articles.

  Scholarly (academic) Non-scholarly (popular)
Purpose To report research To entertain or inform

Long articles

Can include graphs and charts

Short articles

Can include pictures and advertisements

Style Specialized language Exciting language 
Author Topic expert with name and position listed Journalist
Editor Other expert(s) on the topic Other journalist
References Always included  Almost never

Subject Databases: GEOBASE & more

Tip: Try Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Searches scholarly articles, Google Books and quasi-scholarly material, harnessing the power of a Google search. Helpful for citation searching: it allows you to link to works that cite the articles in your results list (click on Cited by).

Note: don't pay for any articles! Go back to the library to get the full-text of your sources.

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