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CHMC41 Organic Reaction Mechanisms

This guide will help students enrolled in CHMC41 Organic Reaction Mechanisms to complete assignments, specifically the Literature Searching Assignment and installing relevant chemistry software.

Search or browsing within a Journal

1. To search or browse within a specific journal, you need to know the journal name.

What if you just have an acronym? 

Try looking it up in one of these sources to identify the full name of the journal.

If none of these methods work try Google or ask your librarian (contact information on the left)

2. From the Library homepage, select the LibrarySearch Advanced Search option, select the Title search field, enter the full journal title, then select Journals from the list of Format drop down menu.

Advanced journal search


3. View the results. You'll likely see many options. In most cases, you'll want to select the 'Available Online' record and then choose the link that provides coverage for the date range that meets your needs.

JACS catalogue record

4. Now you can either browse through the contents of the journal [or use the journal webpage's search function to search within the journal, if available].