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MAT136 - Searching for Articles

Course Guide for MAT136

What are Peer-Reviewed or Refereed Journals?

A peer-reviewed or refereed journal contains articles that have been through a review process. In order for an article to be published in a scholarly journal, it must first be reviewed for its quality by recognized academics or experts in the field.  If an article is published in a journal that does not require a review by experts in the field, it is not considered a scholarly article.


How to Identify a Peer Reviewed or Refereed Journal?

The simplest way to determine if a journal is peer-reviewed or refereed is to use Ulrich's Web.  Ulrich's Web is a database that contains information on over 300,000 journals, magazines and newspapers. 

You can access Urlich's Web through our catalogue, simply by typing "ulrich's web" into the University of Toronto Library's webpage and then clicking on the ulrich's web link.

You can also click on this link which will take you directly to our catalogue record of Ulrich's Web.

Type the name of the journal you are investigating into the Ulrich database.  If the icon (highlighted in yellow) appears to the left of your journal, then you know the journal is a scholarly publication.

In the example shown below, both the online and print versions of Earth Sciences History are peer-reviewed, while Earth Sciences is not.