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Research Guides

CIN210: Horror Film

Subject Headings in Library Catalogue

Search using Subject Headings

  1. Click on the UTL Catalogue link below,
  2. Enter the phrase Horror Films exactly as it appears in the Search Box (or any of the other Subject Headings found below)
  3. Choose Subject from the drop-down menu.

UTL Catalogue Browse/Subject Search 


Subject Headings

  • Horror films
  • Archetype (psychology) in motion pictures
  • Blaxploitation films
  • Cult films
  • Evil in motion pictures
  • Fantasy films
  • Frankenstein films
  • Masochism in motion pictures
  • Misogyny in motion pictures
  • Monsters in motion pictures
  • Sadism in motion pictures
  • Sensationalism in motion pictures
  • Terror in motion pictures
  • Thrillers
  • Vampire films
  • Violence in motion pictures
  • Zombie films

For Individual Directors

Search as above; use last name, first name

  • e.g., argento dario or craven wes, etc.


For Individual Film Titles

Search as above; use quotation marks to direct the database to search for particular words in a particular order. 

  • e.g., "Cat People", "Goodnight Mommy" etc.


For Horror Film Studios

Be aware that headings will vary; search as above

  • e.g., Hammer film productions