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East Asian Cinema

East Asian Cinema research guide covers resources for the regions of China (including Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau), Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

List of Films in UTM Collection

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80 MPH. Director: Tan Pin Pin.2003.

A Million Years. Director: Danech San. 2018.

A Scale Boy. Director: Kavich Neang. 2010.

A Scene of the Sea. Director: Kek Huat Lau.

A Souvenir From Switzerland. Director: Sorayos Prapapan. 2015.

Adults Don't Say Sorry. Director: Linh Duong Dieu. 2018.

All My Presents. Lee Lin Wee. 2002.

An Act of Affection. Director: Vũ Việt.

Anchorage Prohibited. Director: Wei Liang Chiang. 2015.

Another City. Director: Pham Ngoc Lan. 2016.

Another Guy. Lee Lin Wee. 1999.

Areola Borealis. Lee Lin Wee. 2017.

At Little Wheelie Three Days Ago. Andrew Stephen Lee. 2022.

Auntie Maam has never had a passport. Director: Sorayos Prapapan. 2014.

Autograph Book. Lee Lin Wee. 2015.

Bawang Merah Bawang Putih. Director: Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto. 2022.

Bedroom Dancing, Director: Sun Koh, 2006

Between Us Two. Director: Tan Wei Keong. 2017.

Blessed Land, Director: Pham Ngoc Lan, 2019

Boding. Director: Kanitha Tith. 2014.

Boonrerm. Director: Sorayos Prapapan. 2013.

California Dreaming. Director: Sreylin Meas. 2018.

Centrepoint Kids. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2015.

Coal. Director: Le Bao. 2013.

Cold Noodles. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2010.

Come. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2007.

Dahdi. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2014.

Davy Chou's First Film, Director: Davy Chou, 2006

Death of the Sound Man. Director: Sorayos Prapapan. 2017.

Demos. Director: Danaya Chulphuthiphong, 2016

Diary of Cattle. Director: Lidia Afrilita, 2019

Dirty Bitch. Director: Sun Koh.

Dossier of the Dossier. Director: Sorayos Prapapan. 2019.

East Coast Park Lovers. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2020.

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss. Director: Sonny Clavento. 2003.

Expired. Director: Davy Chou. 2007.

Fat Boy Never Slim. Director: Sorayos Prapanpan. 2016.

Ferris Wheel. Director: Phuttiphong Aroonpheng. 2015.

Firefly. Director: Kek Huat Lau.

Fonzi. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2007.

For Two. Director: Shijie Tan. 2009.

Goodbye Phnom Penh. Director: Kavich Neang. 2015.

Happily Ever After. Director:Shaun Neo. 2015.

He Was Once Here. Director: Puangsoi Rose Aksornsawang.

Holiday. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2002

Hush Baby. Director: Tan Wei Keong. 2009.

Interwoven. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2019.

Junilyn Has. Director: Carlo Francisco Manatad

Kingdom. Director: Tan Wei Keong. 2018.

Last Night Our Daughter Came Back. Director: Adi Marsono. 2015.

Last Trip Home. Director: Fengyu Han. 2014.

Lembusura. Director: Wregas Bhanuteja. 2014.

Lemongrass Girl. Director: Pom Bunsermvicha. 2021.

Lunchtime. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2000.

Mae Nak. Director: Pimpaka Towira. 1997.

Maths Tuition. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2003.

Meat At Block 320. Director: Kenny Gee, 2015.

Microwave. Director: Tan Pin Pin. 2000.

Missing 13 Film Lab. Director: Sorayos Prapapan. 2012.

Mother, Daughter, Dreams. Director: Linh Duong Dieu. 2018.

Moving House 1996. Director: Tan Pin Pin. 2001.

My Father. Director: Pimpaka Towira. 2010.

My Father After Dinner. Director Gladys Ng.

New Land Broken Road. Director: Kavich Neang. 2018.

Nia's Door. Director: Kek Huat Lau.

Night Watch. Director: Danaya Chulphuthiphong.

No One is Crazy in This Town. Director: Wregas Bhanuteja. 2019.

Norman on the air. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 1997.

Not Working Today. Director: Shijie Tan. 2014.

November. Director: Shane Lim. 2014.

Nyi Ma Lay. Director: Wei Liang Chiang. 2017.

Phnomkyo. Director: Douglas Seok. 2017.

Pifuskin. Director: Tan Wei Keong. 2014.

Pineapple Town. Director: Tan Pin Pin. 2015.

Please Stop Talking. Director: Josef Gacutan.

Prelude To The General. Director: Pimpaka Towira. 2016.

Prenjak. Director: Wregas Bhanuteja. 2016.

Purple Kingdom. Director: Pimpaka Towira. 2016.

Scent (Mui). Director: Le Bao. 2014.

She is My Best Friend. Director: Jirassaya Wongsutin. 2012.

Singapore Panda. Director: Sun Koh, 2013

Sink. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2009.

Soulik. Director: Wei Liang Chiang, 2015.

Srikandi. Director: Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto. 2021.

Still is Time. Director: Gladys Ng, 2020

Sugar and Spice. Director: Mi Mi Lwin. 2016.

Taste. Director: Le Bao. 2016.

Ten Minutes Later. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2005.

Terribly Happy. Director: Pimpaka Towira, 2010

That Day Of The Month. Director: Jirassaya Wongsutin. 2014.

That Loving Feeling. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2014.

The Ant Man. Director: Vũ Việt.

The Body. Director: Kenny Gee. 2014.

The Great Escape. Director: Tan Wei Keong, 2015.

The Hole. Director: Shijie Tan, 2011.

The Impossibility of Knowing. Director: Tan Pin Pin. 2010.

The Mother. Director: Pimpaka Towira. 2012.

The Perm. Director: Lee Lin Wee. 2016.

The Prince of Sihanoukville. Director: Davy Chou. 2019.

The Return. Director: Pimpaka Towira. 2017.

The Sacrifice. Director: Kenny Gee. 2012 (?)

The Sea Recalls. Director: Aekaphong Saransate, 2018

The Secret Heaven. Director: Sun Koh, 2002

The Secret Passion of Mdm Tan Ah Lian. Director Sun Koh, 2014

The Story of Ones. Director: Pham Ngoc Lan. 2012.

The Studio aka The Songs that Sung Her. Director: Sun Koh, 2015.

The Unseen River. Director: Pham Ngoc Lan. 2020.

Thesaurus. Director: Tan Pin Pin. 2012.

Three Wheels. Director: Kavich Neang. 2015.

Welcome Home. Director: Jirassaya Wongsutin. 2012.

When it Rains. Director: Kek HUat Lau, 2012

When the Cold Wind Blows. Director: Wei Liang Chiang. 2013.

White. Director: Tan Wei Keong. 2007.

Wusong Slays the Seductress. Director: Kirsten Tan. 2017.

Yangtze Scribbler. Director: Tan Pin Pin. 2012.