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Research Guides

Mineral Engineering

A research guide to help you find relevant books and articles in the field of mineral and mining engineering

Finding Books in the library

HD9506 - 9624  Mineral industries

TN 263 - 271     Mineral deposits, prospecting

TN 275 - 325     Mining operations & safety

TN 331 - 347     Mine transportation & machinery

TN 400 - 799​      Ore deposits & particular metals

TN 799.5 -  948​  Nonmetallic minerals

TN 950 - 997      Building & ornamental stone

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Using LibrarySearch

Searching the catalogue is one way to find books, handbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias. You can access LibrarySearch from the Engineering & Computer Science Library's homepage.

Some possible keywords related to Metallurgy and Materials Science are:

  • mineral industries
  • mining law
  • mining machinery
  • strip mining
  • engineery geology
  • mineral resources




You might want to focus on a specific mineral, such as: 

  • gold mines
  • silver mines
  • coal mines




Or a specific aspect of Mineral and Mining Engineering, such as:

  • environmental aspects
  • economic aspects


Interlibrary Loans

If you need a book or article not available in print or online through the University of Toronto, feel free to use our Interlibrary Loan services, RACER, to request the item from another library.

How to look for books on our shelves

The Engineering and Computer Science Library uses the Library of Congress system for shelving and cataloguing which may be unfamiliar with some patrons. We have provided an example below so that you can navigate our shelves with greater ease. 







Books in our library may be categorized as Stacks (can be checked out) or Reference (for library use only)


The Classification sorts books by similar subjects, read this line in alphabetical order: A, B... T, TA...

This line is also related to the Classification of the book, read this line as a whole number: 1, 2... 150, 151...

The Cutter sorts books by Author name, read this line alphabetically then as a decimal: .A1, B2... .S78, .S8...

The Date refers normally to the publication date and is arranged chronologically: 2001, 2002... 2004...

Types of Books

When should I use handbooks or manuals?

  • You already know a bit about the topic
  • You want to find instructions, guidelines, or rules


 Book Cover Image  SME Mining Engineering Handbook (print) 

Call Number: Reference TN145 .S56 1992 2 vols.

 Book Cover Image  Rock Blasting Terms and Symbols (print)

Call Number: Stacks TN279 .R63 1998

 Book Cover Image  Canadian and American Mines Handbook (print)

Call Number: Reference HD9506 .C22 C36

When should I use dictionaries?

  • Finding definitions for terms or concepts


 Book Cover Image  Dictionary of Mining, Mineral and Related Terms (print)

Call Number: Reference TN9 .D564 1997X

When should I use encyclopedias?

  • Background information
  • Familiarizing yourself with a new topic


 Book Cover Image Encyclopedia of tunneling, mining and drilling equipment (print)  

Call Number: Reference TN345 .S83 1995 3 vols.