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UTM195H5: Curiosity and Control: Voyages of Discovery to North America

Primary Source Collections

The University of Toronto Libraries have extensive digital collections to provide access to primary sources.

Some of these are listed below, please ask if you need more details or help searching them.

Finding Primary Sources in the UTL Catalogue

The UTL catalogue does not have a way to produce lists of primary sources. However, using the following words in your search will help you find the source material you seek:

  • sources
  • correspondence
  • diary OR diaries
  • personal narratives
  • papers OR journals
  • interviews
  • pamphlets
  • documents



1) Select Advanced Search on the UTM Library homepage

2) Enter your keyword(s)

3) Use the + to add more rows if necessary. Use the Subject field to search for your type of material: for example, sources. Note: You sometimes have to go back to the Anywhere field since not all records contain this information

4) Choose "English" if you want to find materials (translated) in English


5) Review your results. Click on Title of book for more information


6) Look closely at the subject links. If you are lucky, you will find links to more items classified as sources

☆ NOTE ☆

Be prepared to try more possibilities. Look in reference sources for individuals and events to include in your search. Check the list of bibliographies, used in journal articles on the topic. In addition, use Oxford Bibliographies Online, they may give you the title of a primary source you can start searching for.

Quick Tips

BROWSE the library shelves virtually to see books in the same subject classification.

It is like standing in front of a book shelf and seeing what a library has on the topic!

Click on the icon beside the call number.

SORT your results. Use publication date to get the latest edition.