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HIS494H5: Advanced Topics in the History of the Americas: US Politics and Culture in the 1970s

United States Reference Sources

Reference sources can help you understand issues, events, and people involved in your studies. This knowledge can assist with assignments and searches for additional information and primary sources.

⚈ Concise Information:

⚈ In-depth Resources (Primary and) Secondary Readings:

Oxford Bibliographies (Sample Entries)

Oxford Bibliographies Online provides an introduction (overview) for each entry in company with annotated bibliographies. This platform helps you find primary sources and secondary sources, including scholarly books, chapters, and articles.

Oxford Bibliographies' subject areas that are relevant to this course vary.

Watch the following video to take full advantage of Oxford Bibliographies Online.

How to Use Oxford Bibliographies Online

Oxford Bibliographies Online provides annotated bibliographies, which help you find primary sources and secondary sources, such as scholarly books, chapters, and articles.

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0:00 -- Oxford Bibliographies Online is a tool, not for citing
1:35 -- Simple Search
2:46 -- India 'Mutiny' and 'Revolution,' 1857-1858 (entry) as an example
4:34 -- Finding Primary Sources and Secondary Sources
8:23 -- Get Help

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