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PSYC85: History of Psychology

Before You Begin Your Research

  • Do some background reading so you understand your topic
  • Don't quote from Wikipedia, but it is actually a good place to begin your research. Entries in Wikipedia frequently contain links to useful resources that are considered academic
  • Check out the list of key resources in Psychology and History; additional disciplines can be found in our Subjects A-Z list.

Stuck for Ideas?

Review your course readings or try browsing through other resources on the history of psychology:


Additional Resources

Steps to Successful Searching

Step 1: Brainstorm keywords that represent aspects of your topic.

Step 2: Select appropriate databases for your research topic.

Step 3: Build your search using search terms and Boolean Logic. 

Step 4: Review your results. 

Step 5: Evaluate the quality of your sources.

Step 6: Get the full-text of relevant articles.