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BIOC54: Animal Behaviour

A guide on library resources to help with your course.

Popular Science Media

There are many places you can look for popular science media. While not comprehensive, the following lists outline some key sources of science information to help you get started.


There are two ways to access news articles:

  1. Many newspapers will have a consumer website where you can access most current articles. Please note that some of these sites will limit the number of articles that you can access per month without a subscription. These articles may also be removed from the site or moved to a different URL at any point. If you are using an article found directly on the newspaper website, please ensure you save an offline copy for your own reference purposes. The links below are to the public version of these newspapers.
  2. U of T Libraries also subscribes to the archives of most major English language newspapers. You can search these archives in the same way that you search other databases for journal articles. Please see the Newspaper Guide for more details.


Instead of searching a specific website, you could also use a search engine such as Google to locate popular media on your research topic.

If you find you're not getting relevant results, try adding some additional information to your search to help make it more focused.

  • Example: mindfulness study OR research

If your search is retrieving too many irrelevant results, you can also use the minus operator (-) to exclude certain terms from your search.

  • Example: inception -movie -film

Check out the resources below for additional tips for searching Google: