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Visual & Performing Arts Resources @ UTSC

Library Music Research tools and the U of T Music Library

U of T has an extensive collection of research resources useful for music research of all types.


General Resources for Music Research:

To begin, our Music Research Resources page is an excellent starting point to find the best article databases, online encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks and other specialized research tools and resources we have for studying music.


The U of T Music Library:

Also, while you can always get help at the UTSC Library, keep in mind that U of T is lucky to have an excellent Music Library on the St. George campus with special collections and staff with even more specialized knowledge of musical resources and research techniques.

Many items at the Music Library can be ordered for delivery to UTSC (free of charge!) through Inter-Campus Delivery: Find out more about Intercampus Delivery. Some of the Music Library's collections are for use on-sight only, however, but UTSC students are free to visit and take advantage of these resources as well.

Find out more about visiting the Music Library (including their open hours) here: Music Library Hours and Location. If you have any questions about the Music Library's collections or service you can contact them directly at 416-978-3734.