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International Development Studies: Library Resources @ UTSC

Student Theses in TSpace

Additional Information on TSpace and how to submit your own thesis to the TSpace IDS Senior Thesis Collection is provided below.

TSPACE Guidelines for IDS Senior Thesis Submission


  • TSpace is a free open access research repository meant to preserve and disseminate the scholarly record of the University of Toronto community.
  • TSpace provides an online space to showcase and share electronic copies of student research papers/projects and generates a permanent URL that can be used to cite and share the work, add it to CV, etc.
  • TSpace is full text searchable and well indexed in external search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, etc.
  • All TSpace submissions must adhere to the TSpace Policies and Guidelines – including permanency, openness, copyright compliance, etc.


Licensing and copyright considerations

  • When submitting to TSpace, authors do not transfer their copyright over, but rather accept the TSpace non-exclusive license that allows TSpace to reproduce and distribute the work.
  • Author should determine if they intend to turn their submission into a journal article for publication.
  • It is not always clear if research published in a repository would no longer be considered an "original" journal submission as required by most journals.
  • Different journals have different policies on whether to accept a manuscript based on a previously openly available paper. Some may require substantial modification or for the original to be made temporarily non-public (embargoed) until after publication. Most journals don’t have clear policies, but some are available on this MIT list


  1. If you intend to publish in a journal (or uncertain whether will publish):

  • Check the journal’s policies on whether having the paper openly available in the repository may become an obstacle for consideration of your manuscript. See whether the journal’s policy is on this MIT list, on journal’s website, or contact the editors.
  • If the journal requires that the original be made temporarily non-public (embargoed) until after publication, you can add an Embargo in TSpace (step 3 of the submission form) – select the date on which your submission should become open.
  • TSpace team can help you with permission verifications, embargo addition or removal – contact -


  1. If there is no intention to publish in a journal:

  • The repository itself is a way to "publish" research online. 
  • Each submission will receive a permanent URL that can be used for sharing and citing the research and including it in CVs and on websites.
  • Unlike many journal publishers, TSpace does not require copyright transfer, and therefore authors are free to reuse their works and/or assign Creative Commons license that outlines permission for using and re-using their research.


Submission process

  1. If you have not used TSpace before, log in with your UTORid in order for the platform to create an account for you.
  2. Email to obtain submission authorization to the IDS Senior Thesis Collection. You will receive an email once your permissions have been adjusted.
  3. Login to TSpace and select the 'start a new submission' button. 
  4. Fill out the online submission form (don't forget to enter relevant keywords to aid discovery) and upload a PDF of your thesis; the TSpace Help page has detailed instructions and video walkthroughs if needed.
  5. Your thesis is submitted!
  6. Your submission will be reviewed before being released publicly. Upon approval you will receive an email notification with the permanent link to your thesis in TSpace. You are welcome to share or post your TSpace link and check back anytime to review your usage statistics.


If you have any questions about TSpace, submission process, journal publishing or copyright, don’t hesitate to contact the TSpace team at