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POLA02: Critical Issues in Politics I: Revolutions

Required Sources for Your Assignment

Read your assignment to find required sources......

"Please list four academic sources (scholarly books and journal articles) on your topic(you may include relevant readings from the course syllabus)."

Scholarlly (Academic) vs. Popular Sources

Popular (also called non-scholarly) sources inform and entertain the public or allow practitioners to share industry, practice, and production information  Examples: Newspapers, magazines, trade journals, popular books.

Scholarly (also called academic) sources disseminate research and academic discussion among professionals within disciplines; they are intended for university-level study and research, and are preferred when writing university-level essays.  Examples: Journals and books; see the chart below.

Adapted from the CQ University Library.

Find more scholarly (academic) sources

Article Databases Recommended for Political Science

Interdisciplinary Article Databases

Scholarly Books:  Search the Library Catalogue