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CCT110H5: Rhetoric and Media

Start your search for articles

The Start your search search box, located on the library's home page, allows you to search many of the library's resources, including articles.  This can be a very useful option when you are just starting a new topic search.  


But if you want to narrow your search just to journal articles use the Articles option. 



Article databases

UT Libraries provides you with access to many article databases.  The ones listed below are just a very small sample covering both scholarly and non-scholarly publications.

Often it can be difficult to determine which database is best for your topic.  Click on the title of database to learn more about the content. The UTM Library's Reference and Research staff can guide you to additional resources.

What is a scholarly article?

You may be asked by your professor to include scholarly articles in your reference list.  Some scholarly articles are peer reviewed, others may be reviewed by an editor.  

For a quick review of what a peer reviewed article is, take a look at NCSU's short video Peer Review in 3 Minutes.


The CRAAP Test from the Meriam Library, California State University, Chico, can be applied to evaluate news sources.