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Science Literacy Week 2015: Exploration & Innovation

Sept 21-27, 2015 - events at UofT libraries and UofT

Science Literacy Week Activities!

Date: All week long!

Location: UTSC Campus - various

Come and make science buttons in the new UTSC Library Makerspace!

Find out what you know about sustainability and recycling with the Sustainability Office!

Display Cases on Exploration and Innovation

Date: Sept 19-25, 2015

Location: UTSC Campus - Front Entrance Hall of the Library

Come down to the library to see some scientific equipment, samples, and books about exploration and innovation in chemistry, biology, physics, and the environmental sciences!

Interpretive Walk in the UTSC Ravine

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Time: 2-3:30 PM

Location: UTSC Campus - meet at the top of the stairs to the ravine (see map)

Bring some good walking shoes, and join Roberta Fulthorpe (UTSC Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences), and Connie Zehr (Centennial College Applied Biology and Environmental Science) for an Interpretive Walk in the UTSC Ravine Lands.  Portions of the Science Literacy Week walk are previews of the interpretive walk being developed for the UTSC 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund Award, which will ultimately educate people who use the UTSC campus' Ravine Zone (located between Morningside Park and Colonel Danforth Park) on the local plants, trees, rocks, and wildlife.

Photo of the UTSC Ravine
Photo credit: Cheryl Bain

The start of the trail is at the top of the stairs going down to the ravine (near H-wing, 1265 Military Trail).

In partnership with Centennial College.

Recycling and Waste

Date: Thursday, September 22

Time: 7 - 8pm

Location: Student Residence Centre

Come learn about the waste and recycling streams at UTSC as part of our sustainable living session at the Student Residence Centre.

Organized by the UTSC Sustainability Office

garbage and recycling bins

Photo credit: Sarah Guay

Geneses? How frequently does life emerge?

Date: Wednesday, September 23rd

Time: 4-5 PM

Location: UTSC Campus - Room 403, Science Wing Building

The origin of life on Earth is the centrepiece of countless foundation myths from various cultures and civilizations.  The recent discovery of thousands of planets orbiting stars other than the Sun is opening a new line in scientific enquiry that aims to tackle that oldest of topics, and find out whether another genesis occurred elsewhere in the cosmos. This talk will explore why searching for evidence of extraterrestrial biology is crucial to appreciate how life emerged on Earth, but also how important it is to understand the conditions that are required to sustain it.  The techniques and progress being made to understand this question will be explored.

Line art of a cell, DNA, and bacteria

About the Speaker

Dr. Amaury Triaud is a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Planetary Sciences at the University of Toronto.  A regular visitor to observatories in the Atacama desert, he is the discoverer of over one hundred planets.  He now searches for planets the same size and the same temperature as the Earth and aims to find out whether life emerged elsewhere in the Universe.

Uncover Your Creeks

Date: September 24, 2015

Time: 1-3 PM

Location: UTSC Campus in the valley by the creek (old bridge)

Restore and improve the health of the Highland Creek by conducting water quality tests, removing invasive species, and learning about the local ecology of our watershed.

Meet at the pink circle on the map:

Organized by the UTSC Sustainability Office

EPSA Movie Night: Interstellar

Date: Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Time: 5PM

Location: UTSC Campus - Room MW130

Good to know: Limited to University of Toronto Students, Staff, and Faculty

Come and watch the thrilling movie Interstellar, with critical discussion about the science depicted!

Organized by EPSA and the UTSC Library.

Event Horizon: Lunar Eclipse Live @UTSC

Date: Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Time: Event starts at 8PM, Total Eclipse starts at 10:11PM

Location: UTSC Campus - Room 309, Science Wing Building

Registration: required - register here:

In celebration of Science Literacy Week, join us for an evening to view the last visible total lunar eclipse until 2019 accompanied by a series of short lectures on astronomy.  On September 27, the moon will pass through Earth's shadow, blocking any direct sunlight to the moon and causing it to glow red.  The eclipse will also be streamed live on screen in case of weather.  Attendees will get a chance to tour UTSC's observatory and look through our telescopes.


Refreshments will be provided.


Organized by:

Amaury Triaud, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Ari Silburt, PhD Candidate, Astrophysics, University of Toronto

Daniel Tamayo, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Hanno Rein, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

For more information e-mail[at] with the subject line "UTSC Lunar Eclipse Live"


Picture of the Moon when Eclipsed

Photo credit: Science@NASA []

Exploration and Innovation Book Display

Date: Monday-Friday, September 19-25

Location: UTSC Library Website and front entrance display case


See what books and e-books the library has on the subject of science fiction! 

Book vitrine in the UTSC Library

Photo credit: Sarah Guay

Getting here: