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Exploring Faculty-Librarian Collaboration

An inventory of examples and materials helping to explore faculty-librarian collaborations.

Learning Objects Supporting Geology

The Earth Science / Geology learning objects originate from the faculty-librarian collaboration between Prof. Marc Laflamme and Joanna Szurmak.

Its objective was to devise an activity and a learning object designed to teach the threshold concept of different source types in the sciences. Specifically, students were guided through an exercise in which they read, analyzed and compared a primary and a secondary source on the same topic published in the same journal.

Sedimentology (ERS 313)

The Sedimentology (ERS 313) learning object pioneered the primary / secondary source learning experience designed by Joanna Szurmak and Marc Laflamme in the fall of 2014.

Planet Earth (ERS 120)

The Planet Earth (ERS 120) learning object was created to mirror the primary / secondary source learning experience first introduced for third year students in ERS 313.

You may notice there is more scaffolding for the first year students.