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SGS-GPS Workshop: Introduction to Research Data Management

Course Information

This course is offered as an open workshop for the U of T community.

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Course Description

Managing research data is a critical part of the research process. Data management planning from the outset can save you valuable time as your project progresses and makes it easier for you to meet ethical, funding and government policy requirements for publicly-funded research projects. Data management planning also ensures that your data will be accessible for replication and validation, and available to be used in future research projects as well as for educational purposes.

Through a combination of lecture and interactive activities, this 3-hour workshop serves as a primer to managing research data throughout the data research life cycle, with an emphasis on creating sound data management plans.

The workshop begins with an anatomy of a data management plan (DMP) and the best practices and tools available to assist with building a DMP. Requirements for data access and preservation from current (and future) funding agency mandates will also be discussed.

The workshop then outlines key areas of data management planning, which include:

  • Organizing research data
  • Data file formats and transformations
  • Documentation and metadata
  • Storage and security
  • Data protection
  • Data sharing, preservation and licensing
  • Re-using data
  • Citing data

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