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HIS 423/HIS 489: Historiography Assignment

This guide is intended to assist students in HIS423 and HIS489 as they are taught by Professor Edward Shorter.

(Important) Examples of Historiographical Essays in the Social History of Medicine

Take a look at these examples of historiographical papers. Not only will they inform you knowledge of important themes in the social history of medicine, but they should also help you understand how to write historiography. 

Alan Brandt, ‘Emerging Themes in the History of Medicine’, The Milbank Quarterly, 69 (1991), 199-214. Retrieved from:

Ilana Lowy, 'Historiography of Biomedicine : “Bio", "Medicine", and In Between,' Isis, 102 (2011), 116-122. Retrieved from:

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Richard McKay, '"Patient Zero": The Absence of a Patient's View of the Early North American AIDS Epidemic' Bulletin of the History of Medicine 88 (2014), 161-194. Retrieved from:

Roger Cooter, 'After Death/After-"life": The Social History of Medicine in Post-Posmodernity' Social History of Medicine 20 (2007), 441-64. Retrieved from:

Roger Cooter, (2004) ‘“Framing” the End of the Social History of Medicine’. In: Warner, J and Huisman, F, (eds.) Locating Medical History: The Stories and Their Meanings. Johns Hopkins University Press , pp. 309 - 337. Retrieved from:

Roy Porter, (2004). 'The Historiography of Medicine in the United Kingdom' in Huisman, F. and Warner, J. (eds), Locating Medical History: The Stories and their Meanings. Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 194-208.