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BIO372H5: Molecular Biology


Search these websites for a specific amino acid sequence and for information on specific proteins.


The International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC) is a joint operation of three different centers: European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), the DNA Databank of Japan (DDBJ) and NIH GenBank that operates out of the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI).


Genetic Code

A few examples of genetic code apps for different platforms. These are NOT identical apps. 



Most sequence tools require a FASTA format of the sequence to run their tests. This text-based format uses single-letter codes to represent base pairs or amino acids. The first line of the FASTA, called the header, is descriptive and always starts with a >. The remainder of the format consists of the sequence. Click here for a short description of the format and a list of the single letter codes.

Sequencing Tools

Sequence Alignment Tools