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Standards and Codes

Codes at U of T

Please note: Volumes predating 1985 are located at Gerstein Science Information Centre's 3-Below Level

University of Toronto Libraries has a number of different codes that are available through our subscriptions.   If you can't find the code you want, visit us at the Reference Desk in the Engineering and Computer Science Library for more  help.

What are codes?

"A standard is a code when it has been adopted by one or more governmental bodies and is enforceable by law, or when it has been incorporated into business contract." - ASME

The building, fire, plumbing, energy and farm building codes (to the left) are adopted, with or without modifications, and enforced by most provinces and territories.

Specifications are sometimes used interchangeably with standards, but usually refer to more specific situations.

Why use codes?

Unlike standards, codes are required to be followed by law.  Codes also help to increase safety of people, structures and infrastructure.

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