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Free Images: Creative Commons and Public Domain

This guide provides information about sites offering free access to images for publications, teaching and other academic uses.

Definition - Public Domain in Canada

In Canada, most works pass into the public domain after fifty years following the end of the calendar year in which the author died. However, while a work may be in the public domain, a specific edition or image of the work may be under copyright. This is important to remember. For more information on Fair Dealing and Copyright see the U of T guides and Library resources listed on the tab on the left, Copyright Guidelines.

Image Collections in Public Domain - Gratis & Few Copyright Restrictions

  • British Museum Library - Flickr Site - Public Domain Images
  • More than a million images from within our digitised collection of over 65,000 books from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. When you download an image, you will be able to select the size of the file. Most file sizes are appropriate for PPT presentations. They do not appear to be large enough for publication.