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ANT206 Culture and Communication

This guide offers access to resources helpful in studying linguistic anthropology: the study of language in social and cultural contexts.

Using Scholarly Journals

A scholarly journal publishes original research articles and commentary on current developments in a specific discipline or field of study (1). Scholarly journal articles are usually written by the persons who carried out the research and include a bibliography or list of works cited at the end. An abstract summarizes the content of the article.

A scholalry journal has issues or numbers published every month or at other intervals. Each year typically corresponds to a volume.

Most scholarly journals are peer-reviewed: critically examined by experts in the field before publication (2). You can use the Ulrich's Periodical Directory (see the box below) to learn more about journals you find.

Here is an example of a scholarly journal article record from a journal article database called ProQuest (see box on opposite page):


You can get all of the information you need to cite this article from this database entry.  Be sure to read the abstract before you decide whether the article may be useful or not.

1. Joan M. Reitz, "Journal," in Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science, (ABC - Clio, 2013), accessed November 4, 2013, .

2. Joan M. Reitz, "Peer review" in Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science, (ABC - Clio, 2013), accessed November 4, 2013,

Here are some journals recommended by Prof. Hillewaert:

Ulrich's Periodical Directory

Ulrich's Periodical directory allows you to see whether a journal in which you found and article is scholarly and peer-reviewed.  Search for the title of the journal in Ulrich's

Click on the title to see information about the journal's audience and review style.

Get Scholarly Journal Articles using Databases

You can access scholarly journal articles by doing a search using the Articles tab on the Library Home Page:


Articles tab is a good way to start, but searching specialized article databases  is more exahaustive and efficient: You are looking through thousands of journals at the same time!

Sometimes journal article databasese are called JOURNAL INDICES. That's what they do: They index articles from journals.

Use Article Finder to Get Full Text

With the new ALL search and ARTICLE search, it is easy to broaden your searches. 

Other tools, like Article Finder, help you to find a specfific article for which you have the citation.