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CHMD89: Introduction to Green Chemistry


Welcome to the course guide for CHMD89: Introduction to Green Chemistry! Use the guide menu to browse key topics designed to help you complete your critical review assignment for this course.

Critical Review Assignment

  1. Locate a recent research article in the field of green chemistry that outlines a new and/or improved chemical reaction or analytical process (does not have to advertise as "green").
  2. Compare/contrast the newly published procedure to the same, earlier version of the chemical reaction or analytical process using the lens of green chemistry.

Sample topic: Poly(lactic acid)

  • Synonyms/related keywords: Polylactic acid, PLA, Polylactide

Class activity: Google Jamboard brainstorm

Before You Begin Your Research

  • Need help with planning? Use the Assignment Planner to create a suggested timeline for each step of your assignment
  • Do some background reading using things like Google, Wikipedia, and books from the library catalogue so you understand your topic
  • Check out the list of key resources for your subject area

Green Chemistry Books