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VIC184: Individuals and the Public Sphere: Cultural Memory

A guide to tools and resources to assist students engaged in archival research.

Summary of Class #1

  • We started the session by distinguishing between primary and secondary sources
  • We used the Library Search tool (or Library Catalogue) to search for secondary sources, like the required text for your class. But remember you can use the Library Search tool to search for topics or subjects, such as Marjorie Pickthall or Robert Sobukwe
  • We then looked at 3 online reference tools: Canadian Encyclopedia (public), I mentioned DCB (public); and demonstrated Oxford Reference Online (a UofT subscription database, so you will need to log in with your UTOR ID information)

Take the subject or individual I am researching:

  1. Look them up in a Reference tool: Canadian Encyclopedia Online, DCB, or Oxford Reference (Gale or Cambridge)
  2. You can use the Library Search (or Library Catalogue) – remember we searched for your required textbook; but you can search for topics the same way.
  3. Look them up in Journal article databases: America History and Life; Historical Abstracts; CBCA; CPIQ
  4. Look them up in a specialized newspaper and magazine Index: Libris Canadiana - remember hundreds of references to the publication of her short stories and poems in Canadian magazines such as Saturday Night or The Canadian Bookman
  5. Finally: I look up a Historical Newspaper to find reviews, obituaries, or other news articles on the subject (Globe and Mail Heritage back to 1844).
  6. So these three types of tools: Library Search, Reference Tools, and Online Databases (online databases include journal article databases, indexes, and historical newspapers).
  7. Remember, I used Databases by Subject (ie. Humanities; Canadian Studies) and Research & Course Guides by Subject (ie. Newspapers) from the UTL home page to find/access these resources.