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Gerstein Science Information Centre

CSB 196H1: Genes, Genomes and Us

To help students find a recent newspaper article and then then find the original research paper that was the basis for the newspaper article.

Search Tips

Too Many Results?

  1. Did you combine with OR rather than AND? Remember to combine similar terms with OR
    (e.g. SARS OR severe acute respiratory syndrome and different terms with AND (e.g. SARS AND vaccines)
  2. Is there a more specific term or phrase you can use?
    e.g. SARS instead of infectious disease?
  3. Is there another word or phrase you can add? The more words you AND together, the more focused your results.
    e.g. SARS AND vaccines AND human
  4. Can you limit your search words/terms to the title or subject/descriptor fields? This makes for a more precise search.
  5. Can you limit your search by publication year or language?

Too Few Results?

  1. Did you combine all your words with AND? Remember to combine similar terms with OR
    e.g. SARS OR severe acute respiratoty syndrome
  2. Use a wildcard (*) to retrieve different word endings (plural vs. singular, Canadian vs. American spelling).
    e.g. vaccin* to find vaccine, vaccines, vaccination, etc.
  3. Consider using more broad terms.
    e.g. infectious diseases instead of SARS
  4. Remove limits such as publication year.
  5. Try another journal article database.
  6. Look for references cited in the articles you find