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CHMC31 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry

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Scopus is a major multidisciplinary database for the social sciences, life sciences, health sciences, physical sciences, and arts and humanities. ​The Citation Tracker enables researchers to evaluate research using citation information.

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  1. From the library homepage, select Databases, then Popular Databases.
  2. Select Scopus from the list of popular databases.
  3. Enter your search terms. 
    • ​​Note that the default search field searches the Article Title, Abstract and Keywords. The search field can be changed using the drop-down menu.
    • You can also add additional terms and fields if needed using the + icon.
  4. View your results
    • The number of results retrieved will be listed at the top left of your screen. 
    • To refine the number of results use the options on the left side column, such as publication year, subject areas and authors
    • You can also narrow your search by adding additional search terms into the Refine Results search box  
  5. View a record
    • There is a lot of information on each document details page including:
      • a link to the fulltext (if available) 
      • link to the author's other publications (click on the author name)
      • full citation information
      • abstract
      • keywords (these could be used to refine the search)
      • metrics, including the number of times this article has been cited by other articles
      • the number of references contained in this article
      • a link to related documents based on common references